Welcome to Season 3!

STAFF - Jamie (TMA Media) Chapman

As the presence of COVID-19 continues to impact everyone around the world, it is a humbling feeling to have your athlete return or join the Taylor Made All Stars Family for the 2020-2021 season.

I wanted to take the time before we launch into the new season to say "Thank you" to our staff and coaches for all of their efforts this past season. Being a gym owner and cheer mom is a big commitment; and I feel so fortunate to be connected with families who see the immense value of this sport. Cheerleading can be a challenging experience, but I am excited that you have chosen TMA to provide that experience for your athlete.

We are kicking off the new season with practice events designed to get your athlete excited and motivated while following the COVID-19 Social Distancing guidelines. We are hopeful and determined to move positively toward a productive new season that will ensure athletes can achieve their highest potential.

Remember, we are all in this together! Together, we achieve more!



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